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My Story

Hello, my name is Emily, I am the owner and founder of WRR pet services and a huge animal enthusiast. I’m fully insured, DBS checked and have both personal and professional experience in all the services I offer. I take great pride in taking extra special care of pets of all shapes and sizes. I specialise in exotic animals including Reptiles, Amphibian’s and Rabbits. Growing up I’ve owned many pets such as dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, fish and chinchillas. I’ve cared for a huge variety of exotic animals such as snakes (including venomous), amphibians (including poisonous), ducks, geese, lemurs, wallaby’s, and so much more. I have no limits as to what I can care for!. I have a level 3 diploma 1080 in animal management at distinction as well as personal experience. I previously worked at a local zoo, which I cared for many of their animals as well.​Please do not hesitate to get in touch, we offer a wide variety of services and take great pride in what we do. The prices are based on experience, qualifications, insurance and many other factors. I’ve had many repeat customers who have left their own reviews, so please feel free to check these out. I have social medias for this business so be sure to check them out as well.


Meet the Team!

I'm Emily, I am the founder and owner of this incredible business.I have a level 3 in animal nutrition, level 3 in canine behaviour, level 3 in animal training and a level 3 in animal welfare. I've also completed my Level 3 extended diploma in animal management. I've recently gotten my pet first aid certificate. I've worked in a zoo, I foster for a local rescue too when I have space and have also worked in a local kennels and cattery. I've also done work experience in South Africa with the anti-poaching team and learning about a huge variety of animals and biomes. I have first hand experience with rescue animals and I'm aware of the behavioural and/or medical issues they may come with.
I'm Elaine, I am the one who originally set up the local community food pantry and ran this for almost 3 years. I've stepped down from this now and have taken on the role as the main pet sitter. In my life time I've owned many cats and dogs. I used to live on a horse racing stud, this was an interesting experience. I used to work for a rescue but sadly this was closed down a few years ago. I have fostered dogs in the past and worked with a huge variety of breeds. I have one dog and 3 cats (don't worry, my furry friends don't join me on sits). I am working towards getting my canine first aid and have learnt so much from the course.
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