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Olivia - Winchester

“Emily has regularly walked Suki, my nervous rescue and she always comes back happy and relaxed. I especially love seeing the photos after to see what they've been up to."

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a huge industry, with so many owning dogs, we all need help when working long hours. After our dog got into a scary altercation with another dog whilst under another dog walkers care a few years ago, we vowed to one day, help other fellow dog owners with their reactive and anxious dogs.

We do offer group walks, but we will only take up to 5 dogs at any time. All dogs are leashed in certain areas with the opportunity for long lines. Only dogs with 100% recall are let off leash. We have large amounts of experience with reactive and anxious dogs but also non-reactive dogs. We can administer oral and subcutaneous medications. We hold a certificate in Professional dog walking with the ISCP, a well respected company who offer a range of courses and diplomas.

All walks are structured, under no circumstances are they allowed to run

around uncontrolled and/or cause a nuisance to other members of the public. Only dogs with 100% recall may be off leash. Otherwise we can offer long lines for them.

 Please note, female dogs in heat are NOT allowed on walks during their heat. They can be walked or let out the rest of the time but not during their heat. It is way to risky for the female, she may end up pregnant or could get seriously injured by a male trying his luck. We can offer drop in sessions instead. It is our responsibility to keep your pets safe, by signing our agreement you agree to this.


Payment is to be made the 24 hours before we arrive. We accept card and paypal (MUST be through friends and family or you will be asked to cover the difference). Payment is to be made at least 24 hours before or the beginning of each week the walk is due to take place, failure to pay this means no walk. There are agreements in place.

Packages and Prices

The hour does NOT include pick up or drop off, so they receive the full hour.

We are trained in CPR and canine first aid. We also have 4 vets local to us if something was to happen. We provide my own leads, dog poo bags and a portable charger at all times to ensure our phones are always charged. We am fully insured and hold a full DBS check.

Bank holidays and weekends do cost £5 extra per dog

1 - 1 walks

This is the perfect service for nervous and reactive dogs. They receive a sufficient walk but also only have themselves and me present.


£15/ for 30 minutes

Puppy walks

This is perfect for younger dogs under 6 moths of age who are still learning and being socialised. They only have themselves and me present. When happy and confident, we can begin to introduce to one of the group walks.


Group walks

This is perfect for dogs who are looking for some friends to hang out with! They have an hour of running around and playing. All dogs are properly introduced.

£15 per dog/per hour

£5/per extra dog of the same household

Want to receive one of our packages?

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