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Olivia - Winchester

“Suki, Cookie and Mr floof, our dog and two cats adore Emily. Emily is always excellent and takes great care of them. Suki is a rescue dog and has really struggled with anxiety and some behavioural problems. Emily has always helped with leash work our trainer has worked on to ensure their hard work keeps going."

Pet Sitting

We are trained in CPR, pet first aid and also have lots of professional experience.

With all our services, there are agreements in place which we are happy to discuss.

We are fully insured and hold a full DBS check.

We cover the whole UK (petrol at 0.45p a mile).

We offer a range services such as drop ins, daytime, night time and 24 hours (during 24 hour sits, all pets must be used to be left for up to 4 hours). We take great pride in the services we give and we don’t mess around. We can offer photos upon request, but we do ask that people are patient, we can’t always offer quick replies.

We available everyday between 8am-6pm  (sometimes up until 9pm) for enquiries. 


Please note, female dogs in heat are NOT allowed on walks during our stay and female cats in heat are not allowed out. They can be walked or let out the rest of the time but not during their heat. It is way to risky for the female, she may end up pregnant or could get seriously injured by a male trying his luck. It is our responsibility to keep your pets safe, by signing our agreement you agree to this.


Payment is to be made the day I arrive. I accept bank transfer, cash and paypal (MUST be through friends and family or you will be asked to cover the difference). I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The deposit is required to be payed 7 after the forms have been sent, no deposit means no booking. The remaining 50% is due 14 days before the sit starts. For drop ins, there is no deposit but you must pay at least 24 hours before the drop in visit. 

Current 2024
availability for 24/7 pet sitting


January > 1st - 13th


March > 20th -31st


May > 1st - 8th 

June > 7th - 26th

July > 1st - 31st

August > 1st -5th / 27th -31st

September > 1st - 14th / 28th -30th

October > 1st - 4th/ 7th -31st

November > 1st - 30th

December > 1st - 31st

Pet Sitting services and Prices

Here you will find information about the different services and the prices.

Day time stays

This is a service that runs between the times 8am-4pm. If your stay falls into the night-time hours, you will be charged the nighttime price from 4pm.

During this time we will play and interact with your pets, walk them (if necessary), let them out for toilet breaks, feed them and keep them company during the day.

£10/per hour

If we are needed after 4pm, it then falls into "night-time hours" and this price is £12/per hour.

All rabbits must be up to date with vaccinations.

Night time 

This is a service that runs between the times 7pm-8am. This is a flat rate but only between these times.

During this time we will play and interact with your pets, walk them (if necessary), let them out for toilet breaks, feed them and keep them company overnight.

Starts from £40 a night.

Please note, this cost is for up to 3 pets, an additional £5/per night/ per extra pet is added on top for extra pets (so for two extra pets it would be an additional £10 a night). All rabbits must be up to date with vaccinations.

Longer stays

Sometimes owners don't need someone for a few hours, sometimes they need someone for a few days to come and hang out with their pets.

During this time we will let them out for the toilet, play with them and come and just hang out with them whilst you're away. 

For owners who are going on holiday, we offer longer stays. This are where we come into your home and keep your pets and home, safe and loved. Dogs are walked twice a day as part of the cost as well as usual jobs such as feeding, cleaning up after them and washing up.

From £30 per 24 hours for cats and small pets and from £45 for dogs and other pets, there is a discount on stays longer than 14 days which can be discussed privately.

During longer term stays, we may be out during the day for up to 4 hours at a time, all pets must be used to this beforehand. It can be detrimental for pets to be with someone 24/7, it can create separation anxiety and can disrupt pets daily routines. Sometimes, we may be longer than 4 hours, for instance if we got stuck in traffic or natural disasters etc, we will let owners know if were going to be longer than planned but we cannot give refunds OR discounts if we are later. We are never purposely longer than 4 hours at any one time, travel disruptions and other unfortunate circumstances are out of our control.

We offer bespoke quotes at competitive prices, these are based on amount of pets, the pets needs, how long the pets can be left for, the type of pets and the distance.

All rabbits must be up to date with vaccinations.

Drop-in visits

Drop in visits are 30 minutes long. During this time we will top up food and water, spot clean litter trays and let out for toilet breaks (if needed).

1 per day - £12

2 per day - £20

3 per day - £27

Extra jobs we can do

Cleaning out enclosures 

Taking the bins out/putting the bins away 

Washing up/Drying up 

Putting on the laundry (placing in the washing machine and turning it on) 

Folding up the dry washing 

Hanging up the wet washing on lines/into tumble dryers 


Fuel charge of 45p per mile.

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