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Common Questions

Here is page of commonly asked questions and the answers to them. We have nothing to hide and always happy to answer.


Do my rabbits need to be vaccinated?

Absolutely! This is non-negotiable and must be done. Whether you're here for a groom, bonding or boarding they must be vaccinated and up to date. They take 3 weeks to take full effect.


Do my pets come into contact with your pets or other clients?

Absolutely not! That would not only be very dangerous but also extremely irresponsible. When boarding outdoors they may be able to see other wildlife or outdoor cats or rabbits but they do not come into direct contact nor are they given "play dates".


Can I visit your property before the booking.

Sadly no, we are more than happy to offer video calls, photos and videos but you cannot come and visit before any sort of appointment.

Why you may ask? 

Simple, it's a huge welfare, pet theft, safety and hygiene concern and a risk I'm NOT willing to take. Many of the pets who stay may have behavioural, stress or medical issue. Our guests are our top priority. 


Are you insured?

Absolutely! We are both fully insured with protectvity insurance and proof of this can be sent


What are your hygiene protocols?


- No in person visits

- All enclosures, shoes and equipment cleaned with Anigene disinfectant

- No back to back bookings 

- Masks worn upon request

- Regular hand washing

- Vaccines essential


Do you have your own pets?


Our family home is shared with our dog, rabbits and cats.

We've owned many different species over the years and Emily has previously worked in a zoo with category 1 exotic species.


Do you offer meet and greets for pet sitting and dog walking?

Absolutely! We have to meet any potential clients before taking the booking, this is to ensure everyone is happy. The only thing payed for is petrol at 45p a mile.


Is there discounts on longer stays?


For boarding we offer a 10% discount for 14 days+ and 20% discount on 21 days+

For pet sitting we offer 10% discount for stays longer than 14 days.


Do you take deposits?


For boarding its 50%

For pet sitting its 50%

For grooming its 50%

All deposits are non-refundable.


Another place/person is cheaper, can you price match?

Sadly not.

Our prices are fair and very cheap for where we are. Our prices ensures we are still able to pay bills whilst still offering great prices. I won't get upset or offended if you use someone cheaper, times are tough for everyone.

IMG_3621 2.HEIC

Why is there petrol costs?

The cost of living crisis has affected everyone. To ensure quotes stay as low as possible, a standard 45p a mile cost is added on.


Can I pay once I've returned from my holiday?

I'm afraid not, all payments must be made on the day we or they arrive. And bookings are also only secured with deposits.

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